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The therapists at Nantucket Therapy Center are ready for YOU!

We offer year-round SLP, OT and tutoring services.

This summer session runs from :

July 9 through August 18!


SLP – Speech and Language Pathology We help children and adults with articulation, fluency, receptive and expressive language disorders, cognitive impairment, aphasia secondary to stroke or traumatic brain injury, and voice quality.

OT – Occupational Therapy We work with children on improving their handwriting, self-care skills, fine motor strength and coordination, sensory processing needs, gross motor movement and coordination, and emotional regulation.

I L S – Integrated Listening Systems Music and movement programs to help children with learning challenges including reading, writing, attention, processing and cognitive functioning, learning disorders, and sleep difficulties.

                                                                                         Location: 125 Orange St, Nantucket MA 

                                                                                                        Phone: 508-221-0228

                                                                                         Email: [email protected]